Egyptian Winter Jasmine Oil

Egyptian Winter Jasmine Oil

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Egyptian Winter Jasmine With Dropper Top .5fl.oz./15ml

There are two harvests of jasmine in Egypt, winter and summer. This is the winter harvest.

Chakras: Sacral Plexus, Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown.

Jasmine oil has an uplifting effect on the mind and it actively fights depression. Jasmine oil is an aphrodisiac and brings a sensual mood, romantic feelings, and the feeling of being in love. Jasmine calms the body, mind and soul, to help bring positive thoughts and emotions to the surface. It's useful to induce a good night's sleep, for it calms anxiety, stress, annoyance and anger. Jasmine helps to bring focus to the mind and the task you want to work on.

This is pure Egyptian Oil, not steam distilled.

The care and handling of these oils are done in a sacred, conscious way.  Aromatherapy is a 5,000 year old therapy discovered by the ancient Egyptians to remedy an array of ailments and illnesses, to use in ritual and offerings, and mummification of the body after death. Plant extracts were widely used and recorded in the hieroglyphs in the temples of Egypt where you can find their cures today. Egyptians extract the essential oil by pressing the plant or flower between wood, then storing in alabaster jars beneath the earth for six months before bottling, a process that brings the essence of the plants extracted, Mother Earth energies, and the properties of alabaster which coalesce in a perfect fusion of healing oil to promote clarity of thought, raise your vibration and clear and balance the physical and energy bodies.

This oil is safe to use directly on the body.

How do I care for my aromatherapy? Keep the bottle tightly sealed and out of prolonged heat, and light.

These oils are the precious life force of the plants they were extracted from.